The Chris Worfolk Foundation is a humanist charity that aims to inspire people to make a difference in their local community. We run a number of projects, events and groups all based on a humanist philosophy as well as providing education to the general public on such matters.

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13 August 2014 Robin Williams, 1951-2014

I, like many people, was saddened to hear about the apparent suicide of Robin Williams. Loved by many for his work as an actor in Aladdin, Jumanji, Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam, Patch Adams, Flubber and above all here in the UK – Mrs. Doubtfire. This is to list just a few of the […]

3 July 2014 A Look at James Joyce and Photography

For the June meeting of Leeds Skeptics, Georgina Binnie presented a talk “A Look at James Joyce and Photography”.

30 May 2014 Professor Liane Benning at Leeds Skeptics

Earlier this month Professor Liane Benning presented a talk on life in extreme environments at Leeds Skeptics. This collided with two unfortunate events. Firstly, due to the rare day of hot sunny weather, turn out was down. Second, due to time commitments I had not brought the video camera to record the talk as it […]

26 May 2014 Getting serious about anxiety

I was recently passed an article by The Priory Group entitled “Anxiety – are you taking it serious?” It talks about how common anxiety is and how people do not take it seriously. It then shows twenty photos of people holding up signs with messages such as “don’t be such a drama queen” and “it […]

23 April 2014 Casting Light on Evidence

For the April meeting of Leeds Skeptics, Dr Paul Marchant presented a talk entitled “Casting Light on Evidence … & Evidence on Light”. The talk looked at how data is used on public policy making, to varying degrees of success.