The Chris Worfolk Foundation is a humanist charity that aims to inspire people to make a difference in their local community. We run a number of projects, events and groups all based on a humanist philosophy as well as providing education to the general public on such matters.

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27 March 2014 New website

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Chris Worfolk Foundation website. The updated site features an overhaul of all the content to bring it up-to-date, a new CMS to allow us to make it easier to keep it updated, and a a brand new design which is mobile friendly.

22 March 2014 Widening the View – Looking at the limits of Human Perception

Paul Hopwood had previously spoken at Leeds Skeptics on the topic of “You Know Less Than You Think”. If you missed it, you can watch it online. He has since developed a follow-on talk, “Widening the View – Looking at the limits of Human Perception”, which he delivered for us earlier this week. As ever, […]

11 March 2014 A Galileo Day Skeptics

When I saw Galileo Day fell on a Saturday I immediately thought that would be an ideal day to have a Skeptics event. Being only three days after Darwin Day, I asked Gabrielė to present a talk on how viruses affect evolution. She very kindly obliged.

25 February 2014 20′s Plenty for Us

For the January meeting of Leeds Skeptics, Anna Semlyen spoke on why Leeds should have a blanket twenty mile an hour speed limit. I thought it was a fascinating topic as it is one that really challenges us to think about our views (as opposed to Big Foot, that is just us basically laughing at […]

24 February 2014 Leeds Tornadoes practices

Leeds Tornadoes is gradually gathering steam. We’ve been working on plays for a while now but this week we finally got the flags out and started practising flag pulling as well. We even have a playbook, of sorts. I have not taken any photos recently, but here are some from a month ago: If you […]