The Chris Worfolk Foundation is a humanist charity that aims to inspire people to make a difference in their local community. We run a number of projects, events and groups all based on a humanist philosophy as well as providing education to the general public on such matters.

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18 December 2015 Holiday Food Drive 2015

A huge thank you to everyone who helped out with this year’s Humanist Action Group 2015 Holiday Food Drive for local homeless shelters in Leeds. In particular well done to Sarann who took the lead this year in organising everything, and did an amazing job! We did not inventorise everything this year, so we do […]

23 May 2015 CWF responsive re-design

A lot of the Chris Worfolk Foundation websites, such as this one, were already responsive. That is to say that they worked well across any device size. Some of them were not however, but I’m pleased to announce we have now fixed that. I’ve already blogged about the Worfolk Lectures update but we’ve also upgraded […]

22 May 2015 Worfolk Lectures update

We’ve just relaunched Worfolk Lectures with a new responsive design. It looks great on desktop: It looks great on tablets: And it looks great on phones:

26 April 2015 Things you should know about antidepressants

Recently we were discussing antidepressants at the mental health charity I run and I thought it would be worth sharing a few points that came out of the discussion. Antidepressants are approved by NICE There is often a lot of scepticism around antidepressants. Irving Kirsch has a whole book about it. However, not only have […]

26 December 2014 Holiday Food Drive 2014

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the Humanist Action Group‘s 2014 Holiday Food Drive for local homeless shelter. Our final boxing was a long hard day but well worth it in the end. We are pleased to announced so far we have raised in-kind donations worth… £4,934.81 The donations went to four […]