Humanist Library Project

The Humanist Library of Leeds was founded in 2010 with the aim of compiling a world class collection of literature on atheist, humanist, secular and naturalist topics. It is based in Leeds, United Kingdom. The project is funded entirely by donations, both in terms of books being donated directly, and funding provided for us to source books.

The Humanist Library Project has now ceased operation. Much of the collection has since been donated to other organisations, while the Foundation still holds some of our more valuable items.

Our Collection

The central theme of the collection is atheism, humanism, secularism and naturalism, though is only a starting point for our collection – we archive books on all the surrounding topics which are related to any of these issues such as natural science, philosophy, psychology, history, politics and many other topics. We also archive periodicals.

The oldest book in our collection dates back to 1788.